DC5G 2019

Geeks' CEO, David Hartshorn will moderate the opening panel session on Day 2 of the DC5G Conference at 8:30-9:00am. The panel session "CYA! Legal & Regulatory Considerations for your 5G Action Plan" will discuss 5G action plans that work within the realities of a federal, state and local regulatory framework and action plans will be reviewed, address any legal/regulatory issues, and how to create a plan B,C, and D, and to expect the unexpected risks.



4-5 November 2019 – Washington, DC


DC5G is a problem-solving show that will give attendees clear actions they can take to build, adopt and/or enable 5G. The program, curated by an advisory board comprised of industry leaders and government officials, will reveal the real value that 5G will deliver to industry, finance, and government.

Event Date & Time 

November 5, 2019

Event Location

Washington, DC

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