Event Date & Time 

December 10, 2019

Event Location

Hotel Le Plaza

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The ECTA (European Competitive Telecommunications Association) Regulatory Conference 2019 will therefore focus on what the quest for very high capacity networks under the Code implies in terms of continuities and discontinuities with existing rules, how the balance between services and infrastructure competition is likely to evolve and how new challenges of security and sustainability fit into this picture. Together with the results from the World Radio Communications Conference and reflections on digital competition policy, these aspects define the backdrop for conversations about medium-term strategic development perspectives for Europe as a digital continent and the European Commission’s vision for digital connectivity as an element of a long-term strategy for Europe’s industrial  future.


Topics for this year’s conference

  • Implementation of The European Electronic Communications Code

  • Which Competition Policy for the Digital Era?

  • Disintegration or Business as Usual? The Role of EU Rules in Non-EU Countries

  • Old Services, New Services, Other Services?

  • Technology and Policy Considerations for the Rural Narrow-to-Broadband-to-VHC Transition

  • The Future Is Green: Can the Digital Revolution Be Environmentally Sustainable?

  • Is Business Ready for 5G­? …and Is 5G Business-Ready?

  • Online Platforms and Electronic Commerce: The New Regulatory Frontier?

  • Time for a Refit? Updating Recommendations for the VHC Age

  • 5G without Huawei: What Are the Consequences for Operators, Customers and Society?


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