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Geeks Without Frontiers is an IRS 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt not-for-profit organization, which is advocating a revolution in philanthropy, with the vision of combining social enterprise and appropriate technology so as to create a positive and long-term sustainable impact.

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There are still an estimated 3 billion people worldwide without access to affordable and effective Internet connectivity, many because they live in regions — in both advanced and emerging economies — where it is considered uneconomical to provide cost effective connectivity. In recognition of the benefits of the ‘digital premium’ that such connectivity brings, addressing this issue is now a focus for governments, NGOs and also for the growing number of international organizations whose models depend on connectivity.

The Geeks’ CommunityConnect! initiative is holistic, multi-disciplinary and covers a wide range of stakeholders and related issues. For example, Geeks is advising on the deployment of community focused, Government funded, COVID related, connectivity resources. Geeks’ HumanityConnect! program addresses even the most challenged communities, including refugees, the forcibly displaced and victims of human trafficking and forced labor amongst others.


$2,000  1 Year Satellite Connectivity for a family of four


$20,000 1 year of WiFi Hotspots for 100 People


$50,000 Laptops for 100 students


$250,000 Bundle of connectivity and laptops for 100 students for three year




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