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Geeks recognizes the importance of demonstrating thought leadership as a method of achieving its vision of promoting technology for a resilient world including bringing the benefits of broadband connectivity -health, education, poverty reduction, gender equality and the other UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)- to the estimated 3 billion people who remain unconnected.


This takes various forms including:


For WomenKind

Promoting Gender Equality. Geeks is helping to remove gender and socio-economic related barriers for girls and women through the delivery of connectivity to support education, health, security, and economic self-determination. With leadership from Geeks’ For WomenKind Team — a task force led by an international group of women professionals — Geeks’ projects are optimized to address gender challenges, and metrics are applied to measure impact.

Optimizing ESG Investment Profiles

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and is a term that is often used synonymously with the measurement of sustainable and responsible investing, socially responsible investing, mission-related investing, or screening. ESG investing is the concept that companies are more likely to accomplish and retain positive returns if they create value for all their stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers and wider society including the environment. And on another level, the measurement and analysis of ESGs acknowledges how companies are currently serving humanity and the impacts their current and future performance.

Geeks has established an international team that is currently engaged with the ESG sector to understand how the rating agencies select and reflect their data that they utilize to determine ESG scoring.  Geeks works closely with communications industry and stakeholders to develop strategies and structure to leverage their current business solutions and financial opportunities to gain ESG recognition to optimize profiles to attract investment. Learn more


Thought Leadership Conferences

Geeks’ last three “Connectivity Is the Revolution!” Conferences in Washington D.C., have focused on technological innovations, delivering digital access to underserved communities, emerging global challenges, and financially sustainable broadband business plans. They have provided a leveraged opportunity to share ideas, experience and expertise with thought leaders from Government, NGO, professional advisers and commercial entities sharing a common interest in Geeks’ vision of broadband for the next billion.


The Forum has featured engaging panel sessions including:

  • C-Level Roundtable on how to profitably deliver digital access into unserved markets, latest lessons learned, and implications for the future of sustainable broadband.

  • Shark-tank cross examination of connectivity companies’ business cases and investment models, and how they are bridging the Digital Divide.

  • Deep-dive discussion on Geeks’ various initiatives including initiative to provide connectivity for refugees and disaster-affected communities.


Geeks also participates in a variety of regional international forums.

‘Connectivity is the Revolution’ Thought Leadership Forum Conference Agendas

2016 Agenda

2017 Agenda

2018 Agenda

To learn more about the program, registration and sponsorships visit


Innovative Research

Geeks is continually researching new ideas and services that can help to close the global Digital Divide. Some examples follow:

Geeks Without Frontiers is developing an innovative system of  environmental and social “Impact Credits”, “SDGCredits” and “Sustainable Development Credits” (also known as “SDCredits”) designed to help drive and accelerate both public and private investment into critical projects of environmental and social importance, and in particular infrastructure projects, by providing investors with formal acknowledgement of the environmental, social and developmental impact of investments toward achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the allocation of “Impact Credits”, “SDGCredits” or “Sustainable Development Credits” (also known as “SDCredits”).

Reimagining Universal Service Funds to Connect Billions of People LinkedIn Post by Michael Potter, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Geeks Without Frontiers.

Contact Us to Learn More. Interested parties can contact Geeks Without Frontiers to further discuss these ideas.


Regulatory Innovation


Exponential technologies including broadband are key components for achieving positive socio-economic change. For these technologies to be able to operate to their capacity, regulation has to also change to recognize and release their potential. As technologies change exponentially and regulation in a linear manner, it is imperative that the momentum for regulatory innovation is maintained. Geeks has a track record of this. Read more here.

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