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Oceans, Biodiversity
& Human Rights

Geeks without Frontiers is working with maritime stakeholders to leverage cost-effective digital solutions on fishing vessels.


Our mission, with support from leading public and private sector organizations, is to implement a blueprint that encompasses the public-policy needs of government, the returns on investment for the private sector, the improvement of socio-economic standards for workers and their families, and environmentally sustainable fishing practices.

GWF’s assessments indicate that solutions can be successfully scaled worldwide. To prove its assertions, Geeks has begun coordination with representatives of each sector in preparation for implementation of a pilot project, which is planned to occur in one of the world’s largest source of tuna, the Pacific Islands.

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White Paper

Worldwide, commercial fishing organizations face increasing pressure to implement technology-enabled solutions that can
sustain their business operations, while addressing two key issues: protecting worker rights and safeguarding the oceans’ fragile
biodiversity.  The project presents a compelling way forward to promote viable operations and ethical work practices throughout the commercial fishing industry.


 International Labour Organization Virtual Roundtable

 GWF participated in an ILO roundtable discussion that raiseed important questions on the use of digital innovation to fight forced labour in fishing with technology.

Our Work -

Sustainable Connectivity Models & Addressing Worker Voice Issues  and At-Sea Communications

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