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Indigenous Resilience Network

An indigenous-led network promoting workforce development, broadband strategies, digital skills, technical assistance and community enrichment backed by the N50 global alliance.

The IRN is a global indigenous network promoting workforce development, digital skills, and community initiatives, led by Indigenous subject-matter experts.

​We work alongside Indigenous communities to provide skills that strengthen digital inclusion and help local stakeholders reach their highest goals.   


Geeks Without Frontiers has a proven track record working with indigenous communities to develop sustainable broadband strategies, obtain funding, and implement digital skills and workforce development programs.   


Now, Geeks Without Frontiers & the N50 Project are seeking partners and seed funding to expand this work.

As a trusted non-profit advisor to indigenous communities, we are in a unique position to:

Support for Tribes

Help Secure Funding Indigenous Resilience Network Geeks Without Frontiers N50

billions of  dollars of government funding is currently available to tribes for technical consultancy, planning, construction, and digital equity initiatives

Help Secure Funding

 Develop connectivity solutions & digital skills initiativesIndigenous Resilience Network Geeks Without Frontiers N50


for community broadband networks, cyber security, training, capacity building, and mentoring

Develop connectivity solutions & digital skills initiatives

 Indigenous Resilience Network Formalize Workforce Development Geeks Without Frontiers N50

make available STEM-focused training, certifications, and classroom coursework, in collaboration with

N50 Partner employee volunteers and local community colleges

Formalize Workforce Development

Facilitate Access to Devices, Equipment and software applications Indigenous Resilience Network Geeks Without Frontiers N50

including an online IRN portal for job, internship, certification, and mentoring  opportunities

Facilitate Access to Devices, Equipment & Software Applications

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Support Indigenous Broadband Cooperatives Indigenous Resilience Network Geeks Without Frontiers N50

help establish or expand efforts to coordinate planning activities, digital equity initiatives, demand aggregation practices, and knowledge sharing between Indigenous communities

Support Indigenous Broadband Cooperatives

Why the Indigenous Resilience Network? Geeks Without Frontiers N50
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Photo Credit: Lone Pine Paiute Shoshone Tribe

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Photo Credit: Peak Bagger, Sherwood Valley

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