Our initiatives are focused on leveraging technology-empowered ecosystems to improve the prosperity, equity, resiliency, and sustainability of communities and organizations globally.


Technology for a Resilient World

Technology for a Resilient World’s (TRW) mission is to reimagine resilience by using exponential technologies to accelerate and promote an increased focus on preparedness and to reposition resilience as an investment in long-term growth in order to create more resilient and better prepared societies.



CommunityConnect! is designed to bring essential Digital Divide related Internet connectivity, equipment, services and support to the unconnected and under-connected in communities. We provide the leadership, partnerships, and expertise to help deliver these services and also to enable organizations, commercial or otherwise, to catalyze their own initiatives and accelerate exponential change.


Thought Leadership

Geeks recognizes the importance of demonstrating thought leadership as a method of achieving its vision of promoting technology for a resilient world including bringing the benefits of broadband connectivity -health, education, poverty reduction, gender equality and the other UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)- to the estimated 3 billion people who remain unconnected.