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For WomenKind

For WomenKind is a Geeks Without Frontiers and N50 Project initiative that focuses on gender equality and women’s empowerment by providing access to connectivity, technology and innovation to give women unprecedented opportunities and education to break trends, boost technology-driven innovative solutions for sustainable development and remove the barriers to the advancement of women and girls.

Our hope is to develop partnerships and programs that provide a vehicle directly to For WomenKind by creating viable opportunities and the tools necessary to facilitate sustainable development, help Close the Digital Gender Gap, Close the Digital Divide, achieve the UN Sustainable Development goals and economic women empowerment towards gender equality, inclusive economic growth, and poverty education. 

Our commitment to supporting women and girls will build critical foundations for the future as we ensure that all Geeks Without Frontiers strategies and initiatives & N50 Project and programs are established with gender analysis and institute metrics to measure the gender impact of our initiatives. 

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