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Geeks Without Frontiers Appoints Erin Bown-Anderson as the Director of Community Innovation

Updated: May 9, 2022

AUSTIN, TEXAS , U.S.A., March 3, 2022 -- Geeks Without Frontiers announced that Erin Bown-Anderson, PhD, former Assistant Superintendent for Academics in Austin ISD and Director of Technology Integration at the Austin Independent School District, has joined the organization as Director of Community Innovation.

Bown-Anderson has extensive experience in the education sector, organizational development, and project management for multiple stakeholders. Her commitment to supporting educational outcomes by harnessing student-driven passions and skills drives her. She is eager puts her in an excellent position to expand on the Geeks’ “CommunityConnect!'' program through the N50 Project, which brings essential digital divide related equipment, services, and support to underserved communities.

Bown-Anderson implemented large-scale innovations powered by technology, such as launching and leading the change process for a large urban school district implementing blended and personalized learning through a one device per student chromebook/iPad deployment. While named “Elementary Teacher of the District” in 2006, she was more recently recognized by the Texas K-12 CTO Council in 2019 through the Team Award for the innovative approach to working with departments throughout the district. Supporting meaningful change through technology innovation is attending to context, systems, and relationships to support important community goals as well as individual adoption.

Bown-Anderson embraces universal tenets learned during the process of earning her PhD in School Improvement and her experience supporting a system of over 125 schools. Those include essential components such as honoring community wisdom, leadership through partnership, organizational development, and the power of story. “Technology is a reflection of our humanity, our values, and a connection to one another.” Additionally, “By leveraging the strengths of those immersed in technological innovation and those with indigenous or localized wisdom, we expand the possibilities for solutions around access, integration, economic outcomes, and improved physical and psychological wellness for all people.”

Geeks Without Frontiers is a technology-neutral platform for global impact. An award-winning non-profit, Geeks’ mission is to promote technology for a resilient world including bringing the benefits of broadband connectivity – disaster preparedness, health, education, poverty reduction, gender equality and the other United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) – to the estimated 3 billion people who remain unconnected. Learn more at

The N50 Project accelerates digital adoption and community enrichment through innovative applications, network design, and business models to enable the next 50% of the world’s population. Broadband adoption will be accelerated and sustained, globally, through commercial, non-profit, government, and community partnerships. Geeks is the Project Management Office for N50. Learn more at

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